Absolute Idiot

Did you hear about the guy who’s agreed to document his life in minute detail? I came across it in the BCS podcast recently. What an ‘absolute idiot’ (an insult btw hurled at me by an E-Bay PCTV software seller in 2005 after I failed to spot his digital product after it ended up in my spam. I am still barely resisting the temptation to turn his words into a T-Shirt design with: “DO NOT SELL TO, ABSOLUTE IDIOT” emblazoned across my chest – thanks for the e-commerce inspiration JohnathanR).

Been much better if he’d tried something simpler like recorded just one day and then tried to reproduce exactly what happened the next day; recording what was hard to reproduce (obvious like the weather and unpredicatable like a train delay), and what unavoidably was different just to show how small differences can be significant. But oh no because of the idiot/mass produced culture we live in it has to be all day, every day; way to go! I’m so lucky I have comedy and complexity next to each other in my Categories to tick for this one.