Game theory rules (sic)

Saw the BBC2 programme on game theory last night which was amusing to see on a number of levels. The great mathematician John Nash expounding a theory about people’s selfish when he was mentally ‘ill’; R D Laing walking around in a cravat; the BBC in sonorous tones telling us when/how/why ‘we’ were being manipulated. But for me the best was seeing Margaret Thatcher talking about freedom in connection with the fall of the Berlin Wall (garden wall?:-). And so obviously now seeing on her face the lack of real comprehension as to what she was talking about – freedom that is. Ah well, it’s tough being an agent of history.

PS: See my own small contribution to the anti-psychiatry movement at the Foucault Tribunal back in 1998; was fun at the time hanging out in east Berlin; chatting to Kate Millett in the workers’ canteen, and mentioning to her that James Earl Ray had just died.