Thanks again to Dr William Brody

Thanks to the President of John Hopkins University in the US, Dr William Brody, I’ve updated my ideas on shift handover systems using wikis with an Medicexchange article based on his ECR presentation calling for a revolution in patient care for radiology. Looking for a possible pic I came across his 2005 RSNA lecture, with the choice phrase “People love innovation, but they dislike change.” I thought that made a lot of sense.

One thought on “Thanks again to Dr William Brody

  1. Hello Stuart

    I want to introduce our company The Works Software who provide a shift logging and shift handover system called Lifetrack. Lifetrack came out of a two year research program sponsored by BP about 8 years ago to understand the social, communication and information dimensions of shift hand-over and operations logging. The research and the subsequent development of Lifetrack was conducted at Cambridge University by Dr Tony Holden.

    Here are some appropriate links to our website that you may find of interest:

    Home page:

    Product Overview:

    The Lifetrack Approach:


    The interesting thing is that Lifetrack is customized to each environment and there is no reason why it cannot be applicable to patient healthcare. Anyway, be happy to talk/email further.



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