Social networks

Up in Edinburgh talking about the value of social networks. Reminds me about how Google hooked up with Youtube MySpace, sending an instinctive with guy who was hanging out there with them, and then reported back that it was worth a go!

“The MySpace deal reveals the Google leadership triumvirate’s visceral style. The transaction might never have happened, says Schmidt, if Brin hadn’t flown to meet with News Corp. executives in Pebble Beach, Calif., where Rupert Murdoch was hosting an A-list bull session on global issues. (Schmidt was vacationing in Europe; Page was in India.) “We sent Sergey because he’s very intuitive,” says Schmidt. “He goes down there and sort of hangs with them for a while and comes back and says, ‘You know, I’m really sure we should do this.’ And it’s not a numbers argument. It’s a feeling of commitment.””

PS: I’m sure they checked the numbers.