Falklands to me

Has it been 25 years? I recall Paul Ginsbory later in 1987 chiding us politics students for not protesting against the war, and feeling bad, but there was no feeling against it in that way when I was 16 (the year Jessie was diagnosed with cancer; funny to think that Ted’s 75th birthday was held in the downstairs of Jamie’s Bar in Kensington, where the pre-war piss-up scene was filmed for ‘Tumbledown’ the TV film about the war). Then there is the magazine I read in the taxi in Rio about yatching with a feature about the sinking of the Belgrano. Or the writer Borges (the name of the taxi driver who took us to the Falls last time we were in Brazil btw) who described the war as ‘two bald men fighting over a comb’. Or the neat Falklands Office in St James Park. And the people who died.