Prince William gets his hand on a Brazilian lady

Yes, when I heard that Prince William had been spurned by an English babe when he invited her back to his barracks I felt it was close to treason, but joking aside I thought he should follow my lead and swop English ladies for Brazilians. And then yesterday on the way back from the Dylan concert my wish came true.

Though Ana Ferreira is a bit too ‘goofy’ for me, thanks. But then she is from the North East of Brazil, right?! I’m reliably told that by traditional people from the North East are said to call people, almost anybody, “bichim”, which I guess is derived from bichinho (little animal or pet). However, the “nordestina” (women of the Northeast) are said to be valiant and very jealous, ready to use the peixeira (fish knife) to cut off certain parts of a man that messes with them. Lucky Ana didn’t have her fish knife on her.