Escape Goat

Loved today’s urban word of the day ‘Escape goat’ as it may go some way to explain why people flirt etc (beyond the fact that they’re ‘bored’):

“Someone flirted with, obsessed over and generally courted by a person in a relationship they want to get out of in the hope that it will give them the courage and will to leave. Jennifer was John’s escape goat when he couldn’t bring himself to leave Caroline.”

Yep, come to think of that I recall being on the receiving end of that from a pretty lady when working for the Ministry of Agriculture in Cambridge as an assistant scientific officer (counting aphids in fields of crops, yeah). She got friendly with me, and came round for dinner, only to be interrupted by a knock at the door – her boyfriend had come to pick her up. So maybe there I was more like a ‘sacrificial lamb’. Shame as I liked what she said about how Poland was a really spiritual place when she was there in 1988 or something.