Strange thing happened on the way to the multiplex..so I get up this morning and check out my local Newham Showcase site and it says the Goddard film Alphaville is playing. When I get to the place the guy on the desk says no way. And I laugh ’cause it seemed pretty ‘leftfield’ for them. But it’s still on the site. Anyhow saw ‘Fracture’ instead which had some fun lines in it..

For example the line about the posh lawyers all having middle names taken from their mother’s maiden names, and who played squash. Actually my middle name is my father’s mother’s maiden name so that makes me uber posh. And I don’t squash (anymore) I gym baby. In fact last time I was down the gym some kid in the park started singing ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’ at me, which was unusual (E I E I O).

Alphaville, une