Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field

After eating three Sainsbury PLC flapjacks I went to the launch of a book titled ‘Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field’ written by Mark Kobayashi-Hillary and Dr Richard Sykes last night, including such luminaries as Sir Howard Davies, Director of the LSE, where the event was held. 

Pic of empty chair at LSE post-launch party

I was expecting a pretty dry presentation but was pleasantly surprised to see the author’s connecting up with the Web 2.0 trend in IT. I was also interested to hear from Arun Aggarwal from Tata Consultancy Services which has 190 offices worldwide describe one of his main issues, apart from the quality of skilled labour in India, as how to connect up all the various offices. A role for Enterprise 2.0 I thought? Then again how many organizations do you know which have a strategy to mine ‘tacit knowledge’ for example, even on paper?

PS: One audience member from the trade union Amicus got up and mentioned that the UK’s largest union was about to launch (1 May), with the merger with the TGWU. Wonder how unions are responding to globalisation?

2 thoughts on “Global Services: Moving to a Level Playing Field

  1. Thanks for coming to the launch – it was a good evening. I do personally think that consumer interactivity through what we are now calling Web 2.0 really will change the B2B space in future as well. I suspect many of the present service companies are going to find it hard to change as they still see this as something for teenagers…

  2. Hi Stuart,
    I really like the idea of social media leveling the playing field for business. Of course those with more resources will always have more playing field to play in, but they’ll need the space because there’s a lot more people on the pitch…

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