DELL again

Credit to DELL they arrived at 09:20 this morning and picked up the dead PC; and the support guy Anarug (who thanked me for working as a team together in checking out the PC yesterday, which was a clever touch) sent through an email to check if I needed anything more.

That said a previous DELL support chap from the initial OS re-installation task rang to check if everything was now OK; er, no, if your system was able to link up task around the same customer, and if you had checked before calling you’d have seen that the PC is now kaput!.

3 thoughts on “DELL again

  1. Stuart:

    I’m part of Dell’s blog team and I just found your site. There’s a lot of interesting stuff here and I really like the Web 2.0 video. I’ve had occasion to explain the same concepts in it to friends before and have to say the video does it in a way that it would be very tricky for me to by myself in five minutes.

    Based on Friday’s post, it sounds like progress is being made with the dead Dimension but if there is anything I can do from here to help get you back up and running, do feel free to contact me.


    Dell, Inc.

  2. Thanks Neil, really appreciate your comments. The DELL was delivered back today (well within the 5 working days) so finger’s crossed we’ll be up and working again asap.

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