Junior doctor’s system ditched

When I saw the junior doctor’s protest outside Regent’s Park a few weeks ago and thought later, “woo”, the first demo against an online form I’ve come across, this is a digital age after all. Even more amazing the politicians have now listened and gone ahead and ditched it:

“The controversial system used to match junior doctors to specialist training posts has been shelved by ministers.

“Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said that after the first round of recruitment, the system would only fulfill a monitoring role. Instead, the recruitment process will be handled at a local level by medical deaneries.

“Doctors had complained the system was profoundly flawed, and that many juniors had been unfairly treated…It also emerged that the MTAS website had been the subject of two security breaches.”

PS: Oops, now the head of the BMA has just resigned (20 May).