Is social media really for teenagers?

Melcrum’s research (pdf) into social media usage at global corporations found that less than a third of communicators feel confident about using social media as part of their communications strategy.

However, despite this skills gap, 60 per cent of organizations will have some form of social media in place by the end of 2007.

So it’s good that Melcrum, in light of these findings, decided to make the ‘Strategy’ chapter from the report ‘How to use social media to engage employees’ available to download for free (pdf).

PS: Maybe, as Mark Kobayashi-Hillary commented following his recent global service book launch, corporations still think social media is really for teenagers?

PPS: By fitting coincidence the Urban Word of the Day is ‘Email Bankruptcy’:
When you are so inundated with email, both genuine email and spam, that you have to delete everything and start over again.I am so far behind on email that I am declaring email bankruptcy this year.

2 thoughts on “Is social media really for teenagers?

  1. Hi Stuart,
    Thanks for your post about our survey results. I agree that they show that corporations have finally seen that they can’t hold back from using social media tools any longer.
    Some of the most interesting data from me were the responses to the question ‘Which social media tools are you currently using or intend to use within the next 12 months?’
    To find out more about these results please visit our press room:
    To find out about our new report, How to use social media to engage employees, please see the link below.
    Coralie Thomson

  2. Thanks Coralie, I’ll take a look. Using social media tools in my present role, site managing a global e-commerce website start-up, has certainly proven their worth. Cheers, Stuart

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