Aggressive, Barking

Q: How do you deal with noisy and aggressive children if you happen to live on a housing estate? So far I’ve tried reasoning with them and got pelted with ice cream for my troubles. So Shirley has formally complained to Barking & Dagenham Council, and they seemd pretty unconcerned in a real sense. Then the police were called after one mum complained to a kid, and got stoned for her sins. Then there’s just been an altercation between a dad and a mum outside my window. So what are my next real world options? Email the local paper, or is that an over-reaction. Attend MP Margaret Hodges surgery? See what our local arsonist thinks? Sit back and watch it happen, logging it on this blog? And the summer holidays are just round the corner, so something’s gotta give.

A: Decided to try out the service of the local mediation service, based in Basildon.

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