Flirting with death

In director Sam Mendes (I recall him from college days)  ‘The Road to Perdition’ (on TV last night) Jude Law’s character says that seeing a dead body makes him feel more alive. Funny, ’cause when I saw a dead guy by the side of the road in deepest Brazil I saw the funny side of it, the guy looked cool in a purple shirt.

Why the flirting with death theme? There’s been bomb alerts in Tower Hill and at Hammersmith, at both ends of my daily commute this morning. Though there’s the other coincidence, the tragic stabbing murders in Hammersmith and Adam Reggis who’d just been to Newham Showcase. Though the Showcase site has its own sad death connection, as a maintenance guy at the Hollywood Bowl was crushed there recently. And I was nearly killed on my bike there, on blind-death corner. So take care, don’t flirt with death:-)