Chaos Society conference in Orange

This year’s Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences conference towards the end of July sounds intriguing, with analysis of “the Enron 1999-2002 e-mail corpus to analyze social networks and their evolution over time” from Terrill Frantz at Carnegie-Mellon University.

For newcomers to the field of ‘non-linear dynamics’ there’s class act Stephen Guastello, Professor of Psychology at Marquette University, who will conduct an introductory level workshop entitled Basic Nonlinear Dynamics covering some of the basic concepts and illustrating their explanatory power.

And other highlights include John and Jo Lee Link (Volvox, Inc.), in an intermediate to advanced-level workshop, will demonstrate the Chaos, Inc. exercise, a simulation of dynamical processes for practitioners working in complex organizations.

And it all takes place at Chapman University (the collage above is the work of Chapman alumnus E. Moises Diaz) in the charming City of Orange, CA.