Understanding Patient Safety

Looks like a useful new book by Robert M. Wachter on patient coming out later this year [taken from Amazon]:

Understanding Patient Safety is the essential book for anyone seeking to learn the key clinical, organizational, and systems issues in patient safety. Written in a lively and accessible style by one of the world’s leaders in the fields of patient safety and quality, Understanding Patient Safety is filled with valuable cases and analyses, as well as up-to-date tables, graphics, references and tools – all designed to introduce the patient safety field to medical, nursing, pharmacy, hospital administration and other trainees, and to be the go-to book for experienced clinicians and non-clinicians alike.


  • Concise coverage of the core principles of patient safety
  • All the key insights to help you understand and prevent a broad range of errors: including medication errors, surgical errors, diagnostic errors, errors at the man-machine interface, and nursing-related errors
  • A focus on how reporting systems, teamwork training, simulation, the malpractice system, and information technology can impact patient safety and quality
  • A practical overview on how to implement an effective safety program in both hospital and ambulatory settings
  • Realistic case studies that illustrate key points and clarify pivotal concepts
  • A detailed glossary, key references, and useful tools, websites, tables, and graphics.