Socialtext looks for new CEO using social tools

Just heard from David of Wiki Wednesday in London that Eugene Lee landed the plum CEO job at Socialtext.

I take it back about Ross sending out emails, it was a great marketing strategy, obviously.

Like the new case study section on the Socialtext site, and discussion of the difficulties of proving ROI. Seems obvious to me that the clearest ROI is the amount of TIME saved using a wiki from my experience working globally with my Jotspot wiki on a daily basis, as time is money and can be calculated as such. On this basis I would have made sure (see story below) that in sending out the request for a possible CEO that replies were collected in a wiki-efficent way too – demonstrating from start to finish why wiki saves money – not too mention hassle. (+ nice to be on Ross’s ‘LinkedIn’ network, though no-one springs to mind as a CEO ).

The search for a ‘CEO 2.0’ below..

Now that’s transparency.

Ross Mayfield, CEO and co-founder of collaboration software company Socialtext, on Thursday used his blog and the social-networking site LinkedIn to find a replacement–for his own job.

“It is time for Socialtext to be taken to the next level, and for that, I want to openly recruit the CEO 2.0 for Socialtext,” Mayfield wrote in his blog and apparently to his LinkedIn contacts.

Socialtext, one of several Web 2.0 business software companies, makes wiki-based collaboration software. And clearly Mayfield wants to use social-networking tools even for even big decisions like finding a new CEO.

He said he intends to take on the job of president and chairman to focus on company strategy and culture and to work with customers.

So has it worked?

Well, half a day later, Socialtext still has the same old CEO (so much for “Internet speed”). But if Mayfield’s current Twitter is any indication, his ploy seems to be working: “Boy, suddenly I’ve got a lot of email.” [my emphasis]