Editor of the Complexity Digest ill with colon cancer

Sad news just received on Dr. Gottfried Mayer, editor of the Complexity Digest. On a positive note therefore Medicexchange’s editorial on progress on colon cancer research in 2007 (written by Dr. Beth G. McFarland, from the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Chesterfield, MO) focuses on the development of CAD – something Medicsight is working on right now with its ColonCAD product, which is currently awaiting FDA approval.

From Dean LeBaron, Publisher, To the Readers of Complexity Digest:

“Dr. Gottfried Mayer is at this very moment battling sudden detection of colon cancer. He is in Germany for multiple operations and is unlikely to be able to assemble weekly editions of ComDig for several weeks (his forecast) or longer (mine).

“For eight years, he has guided this publication with the principle that complexity science knowledge could be promoted by nurturing the network … by exchanging text and video information on items related to our interests, especially those with a practical application. Weekly readership of well over 10,000 attests to his proposition.

“To honor Gottfried while he is convalescing, we have compiled Annual Editions of all the articles published every year, beginning with our beta test issues in 1999 and through the present. The Annual Editions may be downloaded from www.comdig.com. We know you will not read each one, but they will be in searchable Acrobat format. This week’s Complexity Digest presents the Annual Editions for the years 1999 and 2000.

“A review of the range of interests and application of complexity attest to the contribution Gottfried has made to the field.

“We expect him to resume his role shortly, and I know you join me in wishing him a fast and complete recovery.”