9/11 coincidence, or even premonition?

I earlier blogged on a 9/11 coincidence. Now I can add a coincidence to that coincidence, having met by chance last night a guy who since childhood has had premonitions of events. As a test I asked me whether he’d ever practically used the info, and he said once he’d had a premonition of a crash and not got on a plane, which had then crashed. Not proven, but interesting answer. He also said he’s ‘seen’ the Manchester United air crash.

So 2 the point..

The guy, who’s identity I have been sworn to keep secret, works for a multi-national company. Two days b4 9/11 he had a premonition and took down the plane numbers, which he says were the ones from the event. He says he was even was asked by some media company to go on TV with his experiences, but backed out after he saw another guy getting torn to shreds by the media for his ‘visions’.

Funny thing is at first his boss was impressed by his premonitions which he visualled in sketches, but then got ‘spooked’ and refused to see any more after they started coming true..

PS: The guy admitted not all premonitions actually took place in real life which is a nice. Personally speaking I’m more interested in the ‘coincidence of the coincidence’, anyhow.

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