About Teqlo

Teqlo sounds interesting, thanks to Peter Rip:

“Teqlo is a mashup platform unlike anything else you have seen. We are committed to giving non-technical users the capability to create mashup applications that help them get things done without knowing anything about APIs, coding, and scripting. You simply snap together the pieces to do what you want to do and we’ll take care of the rest, or better yet just grab something prebuilt out of the marketplace and go.

“Web application developers have been building sophisticated services interfaces and protocols into their applications for years as a means of stimulating third party developer activity, we are taking that one step further by enabling non technical users with the capability to drag-and-drop components to a web page and enable reliable communication between services.

“Through enabling co-creation of process and task automation applications we unleash a wave of new applications that really do represent the way people work, because they are built by the people who use them! Imagine you want to drop sales leads onto a map and then select contacts for daily calls, such as a sales person would do. Maybe you want to automatically notify your preferred customers when you are having a promotion event, or plan an event, or manage employee expenses.

“Teqlo’s breakthrough sequencing methodology and data routing technology enables these and many more user generated applications without the steep learning curve imposed by competing technologies.”