Could Lord Attenborough help the MLK National Memorial Project Foundation?

Lord Richard Attenborough appeared in front of me today on TV at the Nelson Mandela statue event in Parliament Square, London.

Funny how he disappears out of sight for a while, and now he’s back with today’s event, and then I’m sure for the 10th anniversary memorial for the Princess of Wales. The Richard Attenborough Centre in Leicester where he is from includes a very nice signed pic from Diana, for example. Indeed I’ve heard from a guy who used to be in the same cub scout pack as Attenborough back in the day, but I do digress.

What I was going to say was that in reference to the memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, DC, that maybe the organisers should invite Attenborough,  a trustee of the Mandela Statue Fund, on to their Foundation to help smooth the way forward?

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