Anita Roddick

Just found out Anita Roddick is dead:

Founder of the Body Shop Dame Anita Roddick has died at the age of 64.

Her family said in a statement that she suffered “a major brain haemorrhage” at 1830 BST at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex.

OK, so I was lucky enough to have met Anita just a couple of times, (once introducing her to Clare Hodges from the Alliance for Cannabis Theraputics) and even was a guest and stayed over one night which was great fun.

I recall meeting there a guy who said his dad had been the actor in the famous Secret Lemonade Drinker TV advert for R Whites Lemonade (who had a factory in Barking, where I now live). So in celebration of Anita, here’s that advert:

“The adverts featured the actor Royce Mills, dubbed with the voice of Ross MacManus (father of Elvis Costello). MacManus wrote the song, with his son providing the backing vocals.”