NHS, and Microsoft collaborate on patient-centred design

In this edition (click link for video) of House Calls for Healthcare Professionals, Dr. Bill Crounse and his guests discuss this collaborative initiative between the NHS, Microsoft, and the developer community to improve patient safety and end-user satisfaction with a more intuitive, standardized, and universal user interface to clinical applications.”

Other health-related news:

  • EPSRC call for Exploration Studies for Grand Challenges within the Information-Driven Health Initiative.
  • Wanless report from the King’s Fund (PDF, 5MB) which has a sharp focus on public health. I recall moaning about the demise of the public health research body the Health Development Agency at a meeting at the ICA in late 2004 only for blank stares from the expert panel. Cheers! Though of course now its part of NICE it should be easier to provide objective measures of success, as Wanless talks about in his report.