Recommended for boilers & dishwashers

If you live in the Barking/SW Essex area I recommend:

1. For boilers & plumbing, HEH (High Efficency Heating). Phone: 0800 389 9613 / 01708 752 700. Actually, scrub that after they left following a recent service the bolier started leaking badly after the guy put too much air (so the next bolier guy said) into the system. Cool.

2. For dishwashers etc, KDS Appliances Ltd, Ilford. Phone (020) 8518 1988. They know their stuff.

3. Cool Geeks Computers Ltd. Phone (020) 262 1808. They came, they saw, they fixed it. Got the ‘dead Dell’ one night, and brought back the next night at half the price PC World would have cost.