Watched the Donnie-Darko like film Chumscrubber last night, lots of great teen angst, and some nice acting from Glenn Close as the suicide-son’s mum (though popularly better known as the ‘bunny boiler’ in ‘Fatal Attraction’):

“Each character is alone in his world and strains to present an “everything is alright” front through intimidation, passive-aggressive behaviour, or, in most cases, being oblivious to anyone’s world but their own.” Sounds pretty familiar.

Funny thing is that Ralph Fiennes plays a guy who discovers synchronicity and balance, which is one of my obsessions in that American oh-my-god-I’ve-changed-my-life-thanks-to-product_X kinda way. And in a nice twist I actually remember wandering past Ralph outside the Royal Academy a couple of years back — art & life Ralph, art & life:

“On February 11, 2007, Lisa Robertson, a Qantas flight attendant, was suspended and subsequently fired from Qantas for having sex with Fiennes in a business class toilet during a flight from Darwin to Mumbai on January 24, 2007 while on duty.[6] Robertson admitted to the encounter in an interview with the Daily Mail along with her work as an undercover policewoman.”