Nicola Pellow

Alumuni of DMU in Leicester , which I visited yesterday:

Nicola Pellow was a member of the WWW Project at CERN, working with Tim Berners-Lee. She joined the project in November 1990, while an undergraduate maths student at Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montfort University).

Almost immediately after Berners-Lee completed the WorldWideWeb browser for the NeXT platform, Pellow wrote a generic Line-mode browser called WWW that could run on non-NeXT systems. The WWW team ported the browser to a range of computers, from Unix to Microsoft DOS, so that anyone could access the web, which at that point consisted primarily of the CERN phone book.

She left CERN at the end of August 1991, but returned after graduating in 1992, and worked with Robert Cailliau on MacWWW, a browser for the Mac.

Nicola Pellow’s Line Mode Browser