Congratulations to Big White Wall

Big White Wall – The support network

Getting stressed by work, family or friends? Dealing with big issues? Share what’s troubling you anonymously – join the Big White Wall network.

PS: Congrats on the site, still in BETA. Love the brick idea where you can design your own message.

PPS: My first ‘brick’ is up — works a treat!

5 thoughts on “Congratulations to Big White Wall

  1. Stuart, Thanks for your kind message – have you done a brick yet? Super easy and it makes you feel better! I am the first official brick addict….. Best wishes, Charlotte

  2. Thanks Stuart. We are really thrilled how people are using this anonymous space to open up and honestly share what is going on for them on Big White Wall. Jenny

  3. your first brick is beautiful- if i knew what it was 😉 Spread the word. We care about emotional health – you know it. Be open. Be honest. Be anonymous. Big White Wall welcomes Stuart Monkey!

  4. The Brick Builder on Big White Wall is so cool. I am a brick junkie! Thanks for pointing out the site Monkey Man

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