Farewell MDX

Now that I finished at MDX I’ll remember all the people, and a few achievements including:

1. Encouraging the use of blogs and wikis both internally and in medical imaging. Particularly good for keeping in touch with CN.
2. Making a connection with open access publisher BioMed Central.
3. Developing a good relationship with Reuters (nice working with Jeremy Snelling in Reuters Health).
4. Writing a handful of keynote articles (eg below).
5. Campaigning on the EU EMF Directive which effectively would have banned the use of MRI.
6. Social media optimization: using newly introduced Google News comments to good effect (not to mention persuading them to list our new RSNA community in News after first being turned down).

Not to mention gets Reuters in China to talk to Medicexchange in China about content.

I guess you could say I cared about content.¬†Would have been good to see a link up with the healthcare technology rating website KLAS, though I appreciate that business strategy certainly wasn’t my job. Anyhow now I’m working on a new social networking site, with backing from Microsoft UK, so I hope some of that MDX experience will come in useful. Finger’s crossed!

Anyhow enough of my perspective, having just tracked down (21 May) compete.com its nice to see how MDX has fared against its principal rival Aunt Minnie, over the year. It looks good. Nice to be part of bringing a PLC to life.

Medicexchange vs Aunt Minnie