My letter to BA’s customer service..

Like many people we got caught up in the chaos caused by bad weather before Xmas. Specically our flight at 1250 on BA8155 from Gatwick to Amsterdam was delayed, and we only boarded the plane around 4pm..

However, what was poor customer service was the slow behaviour of the crew to deal with the reality of the situtation, allowing tempers to boil over to the point some passengers threatened to get off the plane. This was not helped by our captain who managed to miss a number of departure slots, and thereby was able to get off the plane around 7:30pm as he’d finished his shift.

While a new captain did an excellent job and got going in 30 mins, this did unfortunately give the poor impression the first captain was non too eager to get off the ground. Of course one can’t prove this but coupled with a crew that was slow to respond to passengers concerns lets just say it was not 1st class service?

(Sent via online form to BA 28/12/07)

PS: Nice to see how well BA crew can be with last week’s successful crash landing at Heathrow.

One thought on “My letter to BA’s customer service..

  1. What a drag. But I have to say that flying short-haul is a really bad idea in any case.

    Here’s how to get there the more civilised way.

    ( is a great source of information on getting places by rail & sea. It won the best personal contribution category in the Responsible Tourism Awards last year.)

    Cool Yule, Stuart & Shirley! xx

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