Leicester comedy festival

Good to be able to get in with a pre-15th Leicester Comedy Festival joke. OK, so like I phoned my mother and asked how things were etc, and she replied in kind. Then I mentioned how fantastic it was that the comedy festival was on in Leicester, starting on 8 February. And while I was expecting she might possibly say she’d enjoy visiting one of the show was she in fact said was that when the festival first started up, they came to the magistrates court to apply for a licence to sell alcohol, which of course is probably vital to the success of comedy. And that while there was debate amongst her fellow magistrates whether this was really a good idea my mother argued passionately that alcohol was vital to their success. The rest is history, as they say.

PS: This is in lieu of the accountant joke which one of Andy’s employees asked me to add to my blog last Thursday. Sorry about that you’ll just have to asked the Mexican guy with your