Scientific & radiology social networking communities launched

Dell and Collexis Holdings have launched BioMedExperts – a social networking community that will promote collaborative medical research and development, apparently.

“BioMedExperts ( will allow life science and health care professionals to easily connect and collaborate with each other, as well as conduct research, by providing 1.4 million biomedical experts with 12 million pre-established network connections from more than 120 countries. The site also provides the ability to analyze all associated professional connections within the network and view scientific publications.

“As part of the initiative, Dell will provide computer hardware to power the Collexis-designed BioMedExperts. Dell will also provide marketing support for BioMedExperts, including co-branded marketing efforts and promotions at major life science research conferences.”

Hmm, wonder how long it will be before someone has the saavy to launch one for medical imaging professionals? Hey, what d’you know award winning radiologist blogger buddy Sumer Sethi has the answer in the shape of the good looking radRounds.

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