People want Facebook on their mobiles

E-mail is the most desired service for mobile phone users, with a third wanting their messages on the move if speed and quality was not an issue using a basic mobile device.

A survey of over 1,000 mobile phone users by online usability and accessibility consultant Webcredible into desired mobile services, found that access to social networking followed closely behind e-mail, with 25% of the vote.

In addition, 20% of those surveyed also highlighted a preference for using their phone to access information about their surroundings, and 13% said that they would use their phone to obtain travel and route planning information.

Trenton Moss, director at Webcredible, said, “The ease of use with regard to accessing e-mail via a Blackberry or PDA device has caused a groundswell in consumers who want the ability to e-mail on the move through a basic mobile device.

“What I find interesting though, is the speed with which social networking is becoming a must have function on a mobile.”

(Computer Weekly, 19 Jan)