Second Life guff turns to social networking lurve at Davos 2008

From the FT’s Davos supplement:

Ahead of the World Economic Forum, six of the FT’s top writers examine the global issues set to dominate the agenda at Davos.

Who’s who around the table:

• Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Media editor
• Chris Giles, Economics editor
• Quentin Peel, International affairs editor
• Gideon Rachman, Chief foreign affairs commentator
• Gillian Tett, Global markets editor
• Peter Thal-Larsen, Banking editor

“QP: Do you think there will be any exciting debates on technological breakthroughs?

“AEJ: Technology is going to be core. There was a lot of guff last year about Second Life and how we would all be wandering around with our avatars. This year it has moved on to a much harder focus on the bottom line. What can technology do to get us out of the troubles we are facing?

There will also be a lot of interest in networked devices and what the implications are of those and of social networking in the corporate world. How do you bring together your multinational organisation through these tools?” (my emphasis..)