Twenty years protesting outside the Lorraine Motel

By my reckoning Jacqueline Smith has been protesting outside the Lorraine Motel, where Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated, for 20 years now, having begun in January 1988.

Not all local residents think it’s cool, as a recent comment on this blog argued:

“I live less than 2 few blocks away from the site. She’s still there, if it is indeed the same person. She’ll be up to 20 years in March, if your times are accurate. Frankly, I don’t like her. She’s gotten to be more annoying in recent years, putting up signs about gentrification and such in the area during block parties and festivals.

“The South Main district has become a rather nice neighborhood now, with people of all races living there. Having somebody like her continually stirring the pot of racial hatred doesn’t help anything. In my opinion, people like her only serve to continually divide people by color. The rest of us got over it and don’t care what race somebody is. Now, it’s people like Jacqueline that have become the problem. The rest of the world moved on past people like her, and IMO that’s a good thing.”

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