Enterprise Car Hire

You call Enterprise Rent-A-Car hire before the local office opens and you get re-routed to the national call centre which provides excellent service. You call later to the local office and no one picks up for the 1 min you could be bothered to hang on.

You call the second local office at the other end of the hire and they also don’t pick up. So why don’t Enterprise invest a bit of cash into a call system which automatically re-routes calls after 45 seconds just to be pushy to national office, even when the local office is open?

You do the math or ROI or whatever you call it?

PS: So I went online and got the national call centre number, and in the process wrote this;-)

PPS: I then called the national call number, but got bored with the options, and called the local number, which this time re-routed me to someone in a few secs, and booked a car for