Facebook attack!

Yesterday I dipped into my Facebook profile to find my pic had been replaced with something somewhat obscene. Yikes! Funny, as I’d just been in a brief discussion on social network security and risks on Stuart King’s risk management blog.

I reported the issue to Facebook.com, who sent back an auto-reply asking me to ‘stand by’. Be interesting to read their response.

PS: I took the opportunity to change my Facebook password, and my pic to a monkey.

PPS: 27 Feb, haven’t heard anymore from Facebook. Though when tried to login today my new password didn’t work. So After repeated attepts I had to request a new password, the link for which I am waiting for..

Yep, now arrived. I couldn’t get my new password, as due to (unannounced) a migration of my webmail by Charlie the email was stuck in cyberspace;-)