Duncan Bannatyne’s gym slip?

I recall on Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne referring to the gym membership as a ‘database’. Is it missing an opportunity then that this is not readily online (I know this as his gym staff have to check your membership at another club when visiting theirs)? Guess the cost of the odd phone call outweighs the ROI, not to mention the ‘hassle’ dealing with some ‘smooth’ talking database supplier.

PS: Thanks for the refurb of the Leicester Bannatyne’s gym, which I use on the weekends which is just round the corner from the Cotton Mill.

PPS: I take it all back, I found out on my membership level they have to call the home gym to allow entry. If you upgrade you whizz straight through. So in fact the added inconvience motivates the extra cost of upgrade. Hey.

PPPS: Went to my City club and hit the treadmill, plugged into the TV, scanned for essential Blooomberg TV as usual but it was gone. Asked the guy at the front desk if it could be restored. “I’ll see what I can do”, he said. Two weeks on he’s still thinking about it.

Update 21 July: Ah hah, I waited until some potential customers walk past and then wander up and ask for Blooomberg. Yes, done in a jiffy, thanks. And by a happy coincidence Duncan Bannatyne’s TV report on knife crime in Glasgow was on where the problem is much worse than London by all accounts, & mentioning Chicago’s public health approach to crime. Cheers.