Social Networks Around The World

How is Web 2.0 Changing Your Daily Life?

Social networking is the emergent web phenomena of the moment as the recent Morgan Stanley report on internet trends makes clear. What’s much harder is to get to grips with this at a global level, beyond the headline grabbing dominance of Facebook and MySpace. Fortunately An De Jonghe’s book, Social Networks Around the World, steps nicely in to fill the gap, with a simple to follow structure which breaks down each region into its component countries, and under each country common categories of social networking according to Business, Friends, Dating, Special Interest, Video and Mobile. (Excerpts here)

What I also enjoyed was the accessible style in which the information is presented, giving a sense of the people behind these new social networking sites, from their replies to An De Jonghe’s exhaustive resaerch printed along side url and contact details.

In short it’s a real treasure trove of information which provides an excellent overview of what’s going on and where things are going in social networking across the globe.