MySpace is YourSpace

Hmm, interesting analysis, looks like MySpace beat Facebook to the jump..  excerpt from Wired today…

How MySpace Plans to Become Everybody’s Space

By Scott Gilbertson EmailMay 09, 2008 | 7:18:37 AMCategories: communities, Socialgraph  

MySpace has unveiled a new plan to turn the site into a central storage hub for your personal data and profile information by allowing you to access and use that information when you visit other websites.

The idea is to make a good portion of your MySpace data available to you when you’re out exploring the larger web. While not all MySpace data will be available, four popular aspects of your MySpace profile will be potentially available to outside sites: profile information, photos, videos, and friend networks.

The new tools will be opt-in, so if you never want to share any of your MySpace info outside of MySpace there’s nothing to worry about.