Bloggers warned that law applies to them too

In the FT today..useful thoughts if you manage a user generated content site in the UK. BTW defamation law is part of journalist’s law training. Maybe someone should do a course on law for bloggers?

PS: I spoke to a helpful contact in the Department of Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform who said the area was down to industry to lead on, & that while Government was looking at copyright that user generated content was a very difficult area — for a whole host of issues such as the location of servers in different jurisdictions, and the fast moving size/nature of the web preventing scoping of the problem, to name but two issues.

Bloggers warned over defamation

By Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

Bloggers and social network users are in danger of falling foul of defamation, copyright or harassment legislation when posting comments online, according to a survey by DLA Piper.

Only 5 per cent of internet users said they were clear on their legal responsibilities, the law firm found. “The combination of confusion and complacency about the relationship between the law and [user-generated content] puts users at risk as they come under increasing scrutiny online,” said Duncan Calow, a digital media partner.

Only 42 per cent of bloggers thought they should be held to the same libel laws as journalists, the survey of 2,000 adults found.

* Plus another angle on the same report with story in the Guardian on backing for a law for bloggers.