Blood on the carpet over UGC?

Hmm, interesting, remind sme researching the 1997 speech on the coming consumer-led internet revolution for Body Shop CEO Anita Roddick reading some PR guy in the US saying there’d be ‘blood on the carpet’ over UGC. I don’t see any blood.

UGC ‘must be managed and controlled’


User-generated content (UGC) can be a highly beneficial addition to company websites if it is properly used, a web design company has advised.

Speaking at the Internet World Conference in London, the managing director of Fortune Cookie Justin Cooke said UGC is a ‘great’ way of building a business as it allows the users to ‘do the convincing’ for the company.

Writer Frank Bell identified the key points that make UGC so popular in an article published in

He said that increased bandwidth, better tools for posting content, better internet penetration and connectivity and the rise of social networking were all contributing factors.

Mr Cooke said: ‘We are seeing more and more of our clients adopting more of a managed user-generated contents and strategy.’

However, he advised that a ‘huge’ amount of content may start failing and that it needed to be controlled by businesses in the same way they would monitor their websites.