Shell Livewire website gets social networking

Hmm, looks like the Shell Livewire site has embraced social networking..

Forum now linked with Social Network

In the continuing developments of the Shell Livewire website we have now started to integrate the Discussion Forum with the new Social Network. The forum is now in the same style as the Social Network and over the coming weeks we will be working on further integration to make tools more streamlined.

The discussion forum has not changed- but we will be adding further functionality to enable users to get the most out of the forum and social network. An example of this is the ability to search on users by user name in the forum. The Social Network has been added in order for people to put names to faces, show off your products and services and be able to meet people globally. There is plenty of space to add photos! Over the next coming months other Shell Livewire countries around the world will be coming online on the social network creating a true global tool.

We are interested in your comments in the continuing process of the development of the Livewire community. We have created a group on the social network for users to join and add comments about any of the developments so far, and what the future might hold. You can find it at – we would love to hear from you.