People 2.0

Great to pick up the web 2.0 strategies 2008 award for Best New Web 2.0 Initiative on behalf of IT Counts with Carolyn Harrington.

Nice to meet up with Alex Ang again from RSS experts VWI Media, who told me he has recently partnered with WordFrame, the software which powers IT Counts. Other leading WordFrame sites include Social Media Today, a community for social media professionals.

Interesting to talk to Roderick Parks from Trampoline Systems and see how their software analyses emails and creates automatic profiles within the enterprise. An example of their software with a Trampoline visualisations video from rebecca kemp on Vimeo.:

Great to shake Euan Semple’s hand (liked the joke about Scottish beer drinkers).

All got me thinking about Enterprise 2.0, and the big Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston this week, with videos and podcasts now available.


The award blending in nicely in the foyer of our east London flat.

PS: 5 August Techcrunch UK mention of Trampoline and social networks for public sector workers.