Lifestreaming ahead

Hmm, having got in with Twitter I see the nice feature of MyBlogLog where you can link to your other ‘services’ like Flickr.  PS: Glad I’ve joined the bandwaggon now that Twitter Announces Their Funding, Calls Itself A Communication Utility

MyBlogLog adds FriendFeed, Magnolia and ThisNext to list of services

MyBlogLog is lifestreaming your lifestream.

We’ve got a ton of new information for you guys to share on your profiles! We just added ThisNext, Magnolia and FriendFeed to our list of services that we use to feed New with Me.

MyBlogLog now displays all of your FriendFeed comments and likes as well as updates from other services that you have added to FriendFeed. With comments, we’ve been looking for a way to highlight the great discussions going on at FriendFeed. Sharing your comments are a great way to point people to your activity over there. For the additional services, we do the de-duping for you so if you’ve got your flickr ID on both FriendFeed and MyBlogLog, not to worry, we’ll filter out the duplicates from FriendFeed and keep it fresh. If it’s a service we don’t carry, such as a GTalk status messages, all the more grist for the mill.

Wanna share shopping recommendations? Load your ThisNext ID into your services and let people know what’s on your list!

Last but not least, you can finally show off all those cool bookmarks you’ve been saving on Magnolia too!