Caius greatest student prank

Revealed after 50 years: The secret of the greatest-ever student prank at Gonville & Caius, revealed by the Daily Mail, back when Rob was a student there. Wonder if he knew any of them?

Reply from Rob, off to Perth in Oz via Dubai on Emirates, tomorrow out of Birmingham Airport:

“I remember Peter Davey as a very bight student with particular interest in motor transport . Both he and Hugh Montfiore were in my year of 1955….. Hugh was a mature student who had a room inthe same courtyard as Mike Canon and I in the first year…….. Caius students at that time had a high percentage of Engineers and medics.”

Inspired by a comment on the Daily Mail piece that MIT had done much better pranks I left a comment on my own top prank when at Christ’s College, but they weren’t interested it seems, probably rightly as it was the most ridiculous attempt by me to claim a hand in ending the Cold War!