Notes on Tim Berners-Lee talk

A few random (semantically speaking) notes.

Other highlights of the evening were his response to a comment that the semantic web was a ‘top-down project’.  “Who told you that!?”, he asked in disbelief, in a moment of clarification that will surely live with the questioner for some time.”

Videos:  TBL Panel Discussion & Q&A. (thanks to Mia)

TBL’s slides. BTW they’re not working properly at the moment in IE7.

Notes from Mia Ridge at the Nesta event, ‘The Future of the Web with Sir Tim Berners-Lee’, held in London on July 8, 2008:

Nice to see she’s got a professional interest in museums too.

ps: my quick notes from TBL’s IEE talk in 2007.


One thought on “Notes on Tim Berners-Lee talk

  1. Thanks for the link, but since it was me who asked the question about how to get the semantic web to actually happen, I should point out it was a bit of a leading question – it’s a perception I encounter a lot, and I wanted an answer I could pass on.

    Anyway, the videos are online now ( and they give you a much better idea of the whole event (though I still sound like an idiot).

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