How to survive a recession social network style

Had a fascinating meet up with Bob Clarke of Beetlenut yesterday who set up and ran Business TV for BMW at the start of the 1990s. Apparently BMW used this communications tool, with daily broadcast’s to sales executives to help weather that recession, and came out after the downturn ahead of their competitors who didn’t invest in internal comms. As Bob pointed out this time round surviving the recession isn’t just open to those with the cash to throw at it. Social networking tools, many which are lightweight and relatively low cost, can give corporates the kind of internal comms they need to ride it out with their employees on side. Simple idea, nicely presented, thanks Bob.

PS: I mentioned to Shirley the Finance Manager in the evening Bob’s anecdote about a PLC with a manufacturing plant in Mexico, who post the PNL account at the end of the production line every day. Anyone who doesn’t understand what it all means can ask their workmate. Wonder how many PLCs think of that as a strategy, and have then implemented it?

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