It’s a long way to the bottom

Liked the piece in Social Media Today by Marc Meyer which asks whether we try to do too much with social media (‘Are we slaves to the rhythm of social media?‘):

“What do you think? What is acceptable? Frankly I try to limit my time into blocks built around the work day and even at home. But I can see where one could spend endless amounts of time building and maintaining social media personas from here to BFE and back. The question is. What is your ultimate plan or goal with social media? As a layperson and as a professional, do you have an end game result in mind? Do you have a plan?”

Personally, speaking as a relative outside to the mainstream of the web 2.0 world I would say I don’t want to follow the mainstream and think the more you out in the more you get out, though for most people that’s obviously true. Business like, I want to do the minimum to get the maximum return. How to do that of course requires a great deal of work and learning. Or to use the old quote about a guy’s struggle to get out of the ghetto: “It’s a long way to the bottom.”

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