Is complexity to blame?

AIG’s complexity blamed for fall: “The complexity and international spread of AIG’s operations impeded regulatory oversight of the derivatives unit that helped bring down the insurer, according to former executives, analysts and regulators.” (FT report)

Hmm, complexity? Maybe they should have invested in a product such as Datawatch’s Monarch software which is designed to transform report output files and other data sources into live data on your PC. Currently it is used by around 500,000 professionals worldwide and now on its 9th version.

2 thoughts on “Is complexity to blame?

  1. ‘Fraid I get nothing from the link for Monarch. The presentation seems to be in the secret, proprietary Shockwave format, which as far as I know can’t be viewed by people running free software.

    A web search comes up with lots of sales links and a page or two of astroturfing, but nothing else much about the software.

    Oh well!


  2. I hear what you’re saying Trevor. There’s also the point made on IT Counts by Duncan Hardy that “Monarch looks useful but it still relies on having machine readable data in the first place. The big problem is getting information from paper onto spreadsheets”.

    Maybe there’s an open source solution you can suggest?

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