James I was a wise fool

“Two years earlier, the Economist invited readers finally to relieve James I of his title, and nominate the wisest fool of the past 50 years.  Maybe, as we take a gulp, and look at the world after the apocalypse, we should look wider than the markets.  What’s the wisdom guiding the crowds?  If the crowd got its recognition in 2006, what will help it avoid becoming a fool by 2060?” (Demos, 3 November)

Hmm, this is about info overload and how individuals/mass deal with it.

Thus my responses in creative/choaotic fashion are taken from recent ‘tweets’:

  • wonder if the credit crunch recession will inspire any positive change in ppl’s mindset? less ‘groupthink’, more ‘i can do’?! Go Palin!
  • too much information? stand back, try a little intuition. don’t drink from the fire hydrant, just catch the drip-drops!
  • my fav word of the credit crunchy moment: *immanent* but also like distinction between ‘bkgrd’ & ‘foregrd’ in probability. Innit?!

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